Smart energy consumption, cost-cutting, resilience, resource-saving, environmental efficiency — this is not a complete list of benefits offered by a battery energy storage system (BESS). With a wide range of power and storage capacity, BESSs vary from small-sized household devices to large-scale systems used for utilities and industrial applications. In…

OpenCV is a computer vision library that offers a rich selection of algorithms used for many applications. Human detection is one of the library’s features popular in smart home projects. This article will tell you about OpenCV and how you can use it to detect people in the Internet of Things (IoT) home automation.

Overview of the OpenCV Computer Vision Library

OpenCV is a set of computer vision (CV) libraries with over 2500 tools that vary from classical machine learning (ML) algorithms to deep learning and neural networks. It’s an open-source solution that can be freely used, modified, and distributed under the Apache license.

The library is compatible with an array…

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